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Self-Reliant Diver


Self-Reliant Diver

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Developed for those divers who anticipate that in-water problems will have to be sorted out by themselves, the purpose of the Self-Reliant Diver specialty course is to recognise and accept the role of the buddy system and its contributions to diver safety while identifying and developing self-reliance and independence while diving. There are two reasons for an experienced diver to take the Self-Reliant diver course:

To develop the skills of planning and carrying out dives without a partner when preferred or necessary.

  • To sharpen skills of diving self-reliance, making the diver a stronger partner in a dive pair or team

The PADI Self Reliant Diver Course has been developed independently by PADI Instructors, then adopted as a Distinctive Specialty by PADI, to focus on the need for divers to be more self sufficient for those occasions when a buddy may not be around. Consider this, how many times have you turned around during a dive to look for your buddy and they are a good 10+ metres away with their face stuck in their camera viewfinder paying no attention to you or where you are ? If this is the case then this course maybe for you

It is not a course for everyone and certainly not one to be taken lightly so the pre-requisites have been set accordingly. It is intended for experienced divers who wish to develop their skills generally - perhaps in preparation for further advanced training. The course would be ideally suited to

  • Photographers
  • Videographers,
  • Divemasters
  • Divers considering Divemaster training
  • Potential technical divers

Within the programme you will develop your knowledge in areas including:

  • dive planning
  • risk management
  • equipment considerations for self-reliant diving.

Then within the in-water phases of your PADI self Reliant Diver Course you will practice and perfect your skills for appropriate out of gas drills, pony bottle deployment, buoyancy control and trim, and backup mask exchange mid-water

As this is aimed at the already experienced diver it is taken as read that you will already be in possession of appropriate active-diver equipment, including full set of dive kit, pony bottle set or stage cylinder, DSMB and reel, spare mask, line cutter or knife, dive computer and audible signaling device.

The PADI Self Reliant Diver Course is a demanding course that you will enjoy, the end result will be that you will obviously be a better diver and you should feel able to look after yourself should the need arise.

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