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Psychological Diver Distinctive Specialty


Psychological Diver Distinctive Specialty

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We spend a lot of time and effort getting to know the equipment we use in scuba diving.  What about that one irreplaceable piece of kit? How much do we know about how the human diver works?   PADI Psychological Diver is a course full of theory and references to psychological sciences, with summaries of research in dive psychology.  Psych. 101 for divers! You will learn about psychology and how to apply this understanding in your diving and dive training.

What is this course?

This course a PADI distinctive specialty written by Laura Walton to inform divers about theories of behaviour and learning.  Take the course to understand why we do what we do as scuba divers. Improve your choice and awareness and take control of your diving and training.

How do I take PADI Psychological Diver?

The course works similarly to other dive training courses. There is elearning, followed by a classroom session and various options for integrating the learning into your practice.

components of PADI Psychological diver

elearning: “Psychology for Scuba Divers”

All of the theory is covered in the “Psychology for Scuba Divers” course. You can take this on it’s own, or book as part of the PADI Psychological Diver Course. To receive the certification you will need to attend in-person with an Instructor for the course.

Classroom with us at Ocean Turtle Diving

After completing the elearning, attend a half-day/evening workshop, to check your learning, ask any questions and talk about how our diving experiences fit with the theory.

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Kerrie Eade (Instructor)

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