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EFR Mental Health


EFR Mental Health

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The goal of the EFR MHA Course is to raise awareness of mental health issues and reduce discrimination and stigma, helping managers and staff to support colleagues who are struggling at work, while addressing the needs of the business.
Designed by experts with more than 50 years educational experience, the EFR program and teaching methodology has proven educational validity.  Courses are instructor led, student centred and performance based. 
The EFR Mental Health Awareness (MHA) half day course was designed by, and written in partnership with:

Dr Richard Castle PhD MDA BA AFBPsS C.Psychol

Mental Health and Trauma Rehabilitation Consultant

Director Clinical and Compliance, Grenfell Hope Project

Associate, The Eleos Partnership

Vice President, Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education UK

UK Advisor, Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation Bangladesh

Instructor, MHFA England


Course Philosophy and Goals 

The Mental Health Awareness Course provides participants with a broad understanding of mental health. Participants will learn about the factors that affect mental health, and will be introduced to the more prevalent mental disorders and accompanying signs and symptoms, the influence of stigma and discrimination, guidance on supporting people in distress and advice on honing personal resilience. 

Course Structure

The course includes knowledge development followed by practical exercises and scenarios to develop participants’ understanding and confidence in providing support to people experiencing mental disorders. It is important to note that the course must not, by default, become a therapeutic space; some elements may prove triggering or upsetting to attendees and instructors will need to be sensitive to their needs and comfort.



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