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Airbourne Pathogen Awareness


Airbourne Pathogen Awareness

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Ensure you, your employees, colleagues and family understand and can minimise your risks in relation to Coronavirus and other airbourne pathogens.  This course can be run at your place of work or at Ocean Turtle Diving in Basingstoke.

The EFR Airbourne Pathogen Awareness course provides participants with a fundamental understanding of diseases such as influenza (flu), SARS, COVID-19 and tuberculosis that are transmitted primarily through respiration and the respiratory system.  Participants should be able to explain and identify the two main mechanisms of transmission, as well as methods for reducing transmission risk through the use of disinfection, protective equipment, distancing and airflow.

The course includes knowledge development with practical workshops to develop participants' understanding and confidence in managing airbourne pathogens risk.

04 Sep 2021 | 12 | 12

Kerrie Eade (Instructor)

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